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Jennifer Mwijukye

Founder, C.E.O, Business Coach & Entrepreneur

My vision is to inspire as many Ugandans and Africans as possible to do business as a ministry to serve our communities. My philosophy is that Africa needs more intervention to eradicate poverty and business people are responsible for this ministry, not government.

Meet Jennifer Mwijukye

Jennifer Mwijukye is the CEO and founder of Unifreight Cargo Handling Limited an ISO certified Ugandan company which provides customs clearing services, trucking and terminal management in Mombasa.

Passionate about mentorship, promoting entrepreneurs and advocating for better business conditions
Visionary and transformational leader
Board Member Uganda Road Fund a Government Agency responsible for financing road maintenance representing Freight transporters
Recognition and Awards
International award as the Entrepreneur of the year from International Network of Women Entrepreneurs Miami USA.

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Memoir of a Business Minister

A great book that details the journey and lessons from a talented woman who has built and sustained a family business for the last twenty-five years with support from her family and friends.

What Will You Get From This Book?

This book gives you a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.

Business Tips
Focus on key details in the beginning so mistakes don't trip you up as your business grows.
Learn Negotiation
If you are looking to go from 0 to 60 and want to know exactly how to make it work, this book is a great one to have on your shelf.
Customer Service
Jennifer's advice is particularly applicable to customer service. Those who take the time to know the particulars of their customers can serve them best.
Leadership Skills
Focuses on advice on figuring out when to maintain control and when to tap outside resources.
Strategy and Planning
While launching a business can be thrilling, it can also be extremely stressful if you're not properly prepared. This book will prepare you.
Work in a Team
For example, hire employees not only for their skills, but also for their attitude and thoughtfulness. Be open and responsive to feedback from customers.

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